Should I Trade In My Car?

If your present car has served its purpose and it’s time to upgrade to a different model, you may wonder whether you should buy a new car or trade-in your car at a dealership like North Park Sell Now.

Buying a new vehicle is costly; trading in your current vehicle can help save costs. If you’d like to trade in your car to purchase something new, you should consider a few things first to get maximum value. 

Your Vehicle’s Mileage

Dealers consider mileage when calculating the value of your car. Typically, a new vehicle may need major repairs when it clocks 30,000 miles. This is around the time when the warranty provided by the car manufacturer ends. Therefore, the closer your car is in mileage to 100,000 miles, the less appealing it is to dealers. 

The Car’s Age

Vehicles usually depreciate quickly as time goes by. So when trading in your car, keep in mind that you can get more value from a newer vehicle than an old one.

The Time You Sell Your Car

Individuals are more willing to purchase vehicles during the summer and spring than in winter. This means that car dealers may be willing to pay you more if you trade-in your car when it’s warm, so plan accordingly.  

The Model Year of Your Car

Try to trade your vehicle before fall, as most new models are usually released during this season – impacting demand. The release of the latest models also means a decrease in the value of your older model car.

If you’re ready to trade in your car or have any questions about the process, we can help. At North Park Sell Now, we take pride in giving our customers a competitive valuation. Contact us today and get the most for your trade-in!